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Comments and Reviews from the Canada Wide Summer Tour

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 25: I cannot tell you how much the entire audience laughed and enjoyed Al's show. I almost blew a contact - tears were running down my face. I certainly hope you let us know when you are in this neighbourhood again. Thank-you for contacting us originally - can't believe we haven't done this before. Al puts everything into his show and the people afterwards just wanted to thank him and shake his hand. Great work.

Chartwell Conservatory Pond: Last night we had Alan Greenwood here and he does a tribute show as Red Skelton. He was unbelievable and you would of sworn it was Red himself. Many of you may be too young to know who Red Skelton was but your residence would know and they would really appreciate the show. Do yourselves and your residence's a favor and book him. Cheers, Keith Riley, Marketing Manager

Goward House: The comments coming after the afternoon entertainment are fabulous. The members really had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Royal Canadian Legion #52: Thank you for making me laugh, making me cry and for evoking some wonderful childhood memories.

Chateau Sturgeon Lodge: Our seniors were telling the staff all morning what a great time they had. They were touched by your performance and at times thought they were watching the real Red. What a great evening with Red Skelton last night. He was such a great imitator and really reflected Red's heart. What fun!

Pleasantview Hall: Thank you for such an enjoyable evening. Everyone had a great time. Good luck with the rest of your tour and thank you again.

Central Lions Senior Association: You were definitely a breath of fresh air for our centre. We received many great comments from our members.

Edmonton Seniors Activity Centre: Alan Greenwood's brilliant portrayal of Red Skelton tickled the funny bones and touched hearts of our friends at the Edmonton Seniors Activity Centre. We almost fell out of chairs with laughter.

Planeview Lodge: We would love to thank you for a great day. We would recommend your show to anyone. Please let us know if you will be back next year.

River Bend Golf & Recreation: We've had nothing but great feedback about the show.

Elmwood Golf & country Club: Everybody I talked to loved it thanks! Let me know if you have a new show and are coming again in the future!

Mulberry Estates: We really did enjoy it - I think my favourite part actually was watching you transform from Red to the Tramp. It was weirdly mesmerizing.

Valley View Residence: Thank you so much for putting a smile on our resident's faces and making our volunteer appreciation night so successful. Safe travels.

Masterpiece River Ridge Retirement Residence: It was a blast from the past, good clean comedy. Thank you.

The Bentley (Swift Current): You were a hit. Conversations were still taking place throughout the weekend. Our staff were very impressed as well. We do hope to see you next year. Moose Jaw Bentley Retirement Community: Our residents and guests really enjoyed the show, please keep us in mind if you are ever travelling through Moose Jaw.

Serpent River Campground: This is Debbie and Gerry of Serpent River Campground. I keep looking at your picture on my fridge and wondering how your tour went? Are you still on the road or back home now? We really hope it went very well for you. Once again we want to thank you for the show you put on to entertain everyone here at the campground. It was talked about for weeks afterwards, and how much they enjoyed it. I for one loved it as it brought back a lot of memories of when I used to watch it, way back when(I wont say how long) !! Hope this email brightens your day in knowing how much people enjoy the great show you put on.

K-W Masonic Temple: Awesome!

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Al Greenwood as Red Skelton